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Chapters of quality information
Years of UN system experience
Interviews with un personnel

What the e-book offers

Just some of the great information included in this book

Types of Jobs and Organisations

Find out the different types of UN jobs and organisations out there, that way you can start your career off in the right way to achieve your goals.

Duty Station Spotlights

Some personal experiences shared from two of our favourite UN duty stations, to give an insight into some of the similarities and differences between them and others.

Interviews with UN employees

Exclusive interviews with three different UN personnel, hear their stories and answers to some of the most important questions you can ask.

Application Walkthroughs

Step by step guides on how to actually apply on some of the main UN job portals, avoid the most common mistakes in order to actually make it to the interview!

Salary and Taxation Information

Some confusing and often poorly understood concepts (even with the UN) explained clearly and concisely for your benefit.

Great Advice for Applicants

Great tips on staying motivated, advancing your career, improving your networks as well as on improving your application quality and success rate.

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