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Senior Procurement Officer (Risk Management), Washington

Job Overview

Senior Procurement Officer (Risk Management) – CSF

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Typically Reports to:

Section Chief TPRM, Deputy Division Chief

Job Summary

The Senior Procurement Officer (Risk Management) plays a key role in the Fund-wide implementation of the Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Program. Is responsible for refining and implementing the framework for ongoing monitoring of third-party vendors and confirming they are properly vetted from the information security, business continuity, financial, sourcing, and legal standpoint.

Under the supervision of the Section Chief (TPRM), the Senior Procurement Officer (Risk Management) will establish strong working relationships with subject matter experts (SME)s, the Information Technology Department, the Legal Department, the Office of Risk Management, and project managers to establish a strong third-party risk management culture within the Institution.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate management of third-party risk and due diligence by ensuring that appropriate risk assessments are completed before and after the contract award.
  • Assess, evaluate, and mitigate risks prior to award (i.e. during RFP) and ensuring that appropriate controls are in place prior to entering into the contract
  • Help to identify, measure, and communicate operational and third-party risks for new and existing vendors and develop corrective action plans and effectively manage change when required.
  • Conduct a third-party risk assessment of existing high and medium risk contracts and ensure proper mitigation and monitoring of residual risks.
  • Maintain accurate records of third-party risks and liaise with ORM and other key stakeholders on periodic reporting to ensure awareness of the risks for the Fund stemming from high-risk contracts.
  • Promote departments’ awareness of third-party risks from vendor failure/poor performance and work with Procurement/Legal/Office of Risk Management/business owners to mitigate any risks through the establishment of robust contracts.
  • Ensure compliance with TPRM procedures and, along with subject matter experts in Departments, support business owners and Procurement to ensure that third party risks are fully understood and monitored.
  • Develop and promote training and awareness to various stakeholders on vendor risk and the importance to a robust TPRM framework. Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Educational development, typically acquired through the completion of an advanced university degree in risk management, legal, business administration, compliance, audit, finance, economics, legal, procurement/contract management, or a related field of study; or a university degree, or equivalent, supplemented by a minimum of ten years of relevant professional experience.

In addition, the successful candidate must have:

  • Prior experience in conducting/setting up of third-party risk management processes
  • Broader knowledge of risk management areas such as Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk, ideally evidenced through a professional certification
  • Familiarity with procurement process, contract negotiation, invoice processing or legal terms review preferred
  • Strong understanding of financial risks related to vendors
  • Facilitation and conflict management skills that enable effective working relationships and efficient interactions by work groups or teams
  • Ability to communicate succinctly and develop communication strategies across multiple stakeholder groups
  • Self-motivated, ability to work independently, strong organizational skills
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

The IMF is committed to achieving a diverse staff, including gender, nationality, culture, and educational background.


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A11, A12, A13

The IMF is committed to achieving a diverse staff, including gender, nationality, culture, and educational background.

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