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The OPCW’s Verification Division works towards achieving chemical disarmament and preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons through participation in the planning and oversight of inspections at both military and chemical industry facilities. The division also manages declarations while maintaining and strengthening the scientific capabilities of the Organisation, especially its laboratory component. The division also conducts Technical Assistance Visits at the request of States Parties.

The Division is responsible for the day-to-day operation of OPCW’s verification regime. It is a key element of the Secretariat, using trustworthy and science-based information to implement all aspects of the Convention including decisions from the Policy Making Organs.

Contract Type

Fixed-term Professional



Total Estimated monthly remuneration depending on post adjustment and family status: USD


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Job Summary

This position is part of the OPCW Laboratory that is responsible to provide efficient and effective support, technical as well as scientific advice to the Organisation on the verification related activities. The OPCW Laboratory provides trainings and certifications on equipment and procedures, handle authentic samples taken during inspections as well as do research, development and implementation methods for analysis and testing programs; and maintains the OPCW Central Analytical Database (OCAD).

The primary responsibilities of the Senior Analytical Chemist are to support the implementation of a credible verification regime by ensuring that the OPCW Laboratory operates in an efficient manner in accordance with quality assurance standards.

Main Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Head of Laboratory, the Senior Analytical Chemist (OCAD) performs the following duties: Undertake the organization (compilation, implementation and updating) of the OPCW Central Analytical Database; Receive contributed spectra, prepare and distribute contributed spectra for evaluation by the Validation group (mass spectra (MS), GC retention indices, infrared spectra (IR), tandem mass spectra (MS/MS) or nuclear magnetic resonance spectra (NMR); Document and maintain records of the database compilation, preparation of new version of the OCAD; Prepare on-site version of OCAD, check and update the contents of the database by requesting contributors for missing data or unsatisfactory spectra; Draft correspondence concerning policy issues related to the database and undertakes technical correspondences concerning the database issues; Maintain the OCAD Compiler software platform with the Information Technology unit.

In addition to maintaining and updating the OCAD, the Senior Analytical Chemist will be responsible for the maintenance/enhancement of the OPCW Dual Mode Software (ODMS) used for on-site inspections.

Also, the Senior Analytical Chemist will provide technical advice, training and support on inspection and verification analytical equipment-related issues: Evaluate information and documents related to inspection equipment and sample analysis; Provide technical advice and information relating to inspection analytical equipment and verification-related analytical issues.

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Essential: An advanced degree in Chemistry or equivalent from a recognized institution. A first-level university degree in combination with extensive relevant laboratory experience (minimum 9 years) may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

Desirable: Ph.D. in Chemistry preferably with a focus on Analytical Chemistry. An advanced degree in information technology is highly desirable.

Knowledge and Experience


  • At least 7 years’ experience in the field of analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis with advanced degree or 9 years with first level degree, A minimum of 6 years recent and practical experience as an operator of GC/MS and/or LC/MS instrumentation.
  • Specific experience with data analysis including evaluation of data for analytical libraries.
  • Knowledge and experience on AMDIS, NIST, Chemstation and MassHunter.


  • Knowledge and experience on Structured Query Language (SQL), C#, python, Agilent macro is highly desirable.
  • Experience in chemoinformatic and database management is highly desirable.

Skills and Competencies

To succeed in this role you will need the following skills and competencies:

  • Knowledge of the chemistry of Scheduled chemicals, their nomenclature, precursors and degradation products that are listed in the ‘Annex on Chemicals’ in the CWC;
  • Knowledge of sampling and analysis procedures for the analysis of chemical weapons related chemicals and of related instrumental analytical methods and techniques (GC/MS, LC/MS, FTIR, NMR);

    Practical knowledge of GC/MS processing software such as Agilent Chemstation/MassHunter and AMDIS;

  • Practical knowledge of SQL queries and MS library managing software such as NIST MS Search;
  • Knowledge of quality assurance and quality control procedures and international standards;
  • Strong computer software and electronic data management skills;
  • A broad understanding of the various analytical techniques (and their limitations) used by laboratories in the analysis of Convention related chemicals;
  • Basic understanding of modern database methodology and statistical methods for quality control;
  • Tact, discretion, and the ability to work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment.


Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.

Additional Information

This fixed-term appointment is for the duration of two years with a six-month probationary period, and is subject to the OPCW Staff Regulations and Interim Staff Rules.

The OPCW is a non-career organisation with limited staff tenure. The total length of service for Professional staff shall not exceed 7 years.

The mandatory age of separation at the OPCW is 65 years.

Fixed-term staff members participate in the OPCW provident fund. A monthly staff contribution is met with a doubled amount by the OPCW to ensure separating staff have the capital necessary to move on to new challenges.

The Director-General retains the discretion to not make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade, or to make an appointment with a modified job description. Several vacancies may be filled.

Only fully completed applications submitted before the closing date and through OPCW CandidateSpace will be considered. Only applicants under serious consideration for a post will be contacted.

Applications from qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged.

Important notice for applicants who are currently insured under the Dutch Social Security system

Although headquartered in the Netherlands, the OPCW is not a regular Dutch employer but a public international organisation with its own special status. Please be advised that if you are currently insured under the Dutch Social Security system, you will be excluded from this system as a staff member of the OPCW. You will consequently be insured under the organisation’s system. The above also applies to your dependents unless they are employed by a regular Dutch employer, they are self-employed in the Netherlands, or are receiving Dutch social security payments.

Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment for more information about the possible consequences for you and your dependents, such as exclusion from ‘AWBZ’ and ‘Zorgverzekeringswet’ coverage: ‘ Werken bij een internationale organisatie’.

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