The World Bank

World Bank in Washington, United States

Research Assistant (Short-term consultant)

Start Date: November 01, 2022

Express Interest By: 9/30/2022

Duration: 150

Topics: Trade

Business Function: Not Available

Skills: Experience with handling large micro-datasets;Excellent econometric and computational skills (STATA, R and/or Python);Experience with ArcGIS or related software to analyze geo-coded data;Experience in Python and Data Science (such as handling big data and web scraping).;Fluency in Arabic or French is preferable.

Language Skills: English

Assignment Location: United States, HQ

Institution: IBRD


Contact Person: Swati Raychaudhuri ([email protected])

Task Description: Background

The Office of the Chief Economist of the Middle East & North Africa Region provides guidance on strategic priorities and technical quality of economic analysis in the region. It aims to bring the best possible knowledge to bear on the problems of development in the MENA Region including through advising on country and sectoral strategies, quality enhancement of economic justification and analysis in adjustment and investment lending and developing and disseminating regional flagship reports. The office also serves as principal regional spokesperson inside and outside the Bank on strategic and economic issues facing the region.


  • R esearch support to staff
  • M aintenance and updates of complex datasets
  • Q uantitative and econometric analyses under the supervision of senior staff
  • L iterature reviews
  • C o-authorship of research papers and reports as needed


  • Data analysis and results
  • Updates of datasets

  • Write-ups of results as needed
  • Literature reviews as needed
  • Preparation of papers, presentations, or report sections as needed

Reporting: The consultant will report to the chief economist and the deputy chief economist. The consultant is expected to work closely with the economists in the office.

Selection Criteria

MA in economics, statistics, data science, mathematics or related fields.

    • D emonstrated interest in the field of international economics (trade and/or open macro), public economics or development.
    • Experience with handling large micro-datasets
    • Excellent econometric and computational skills (STATA, R and/or Python)
    • Experience with ArcGIS or related software to analyze geo-coded data
    • Experience in Python and Data Science (such as handling big data and web scraping).
    • Fluency in Arabic or French is preferable.

Timeline: The consultants can start from November 1, or shortly after. The consultants are expected to work for maximum of 150 days a fiscal year (July to June). There is an option to extend the initial 1-year contract subject to satisfactory performance. The Office will strive to nurture the consultants’ professional developments and support placements at graduate programs or subsequent employment.

The consultants can work remotely or relocate when normal operations safely resume in the World Bank Washington D.C. headquarters.