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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Pipeline for Bankable Project Documents Experts

( PIP-TC-002 PACT )

Organization: TCCT-Resource Mobilization Section

Primary Location: Field (i.e. outside regular IAEA duty station)

Job Posting: 2022-11-03, 3:06:02 PM

The Department of Technical Cooperation (TC) consists of the Office of the Deputy Director General, four regional Divisions (Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Latin America), the Division of Programme Support and Coordination and the Division of the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT). It provides strategic direction for the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme and is responsible (in close collaboration with Member States) for the planning, formulation, implementation and monitoring of the programme.

The objective of PACT is to assist Member States, within the IAEA’s one-house approach to cancer control and working closely with regional Divisions in the Department of Technical Cooperation as well as other relevant Departments and Offices, to introduce, expand and improve their cancer care capacity by integrating radiotherapy into a comprehensive cancer control programme that maximizes its therapeutic effectiveness and public health impact. PACT provides assistance in the area of cancer through imPACT Reviews, resource mobilization, and by supporting the development of strategic documents such as Comprehensive National Cancer Control Plans and bankable documents for fundraising. It also supports cancer-related IAEA activities that are delivered through technical cooperation, human health and other programmes. The Division of PACT is headed by the Director PACT, who reports to the Deputy Director General of the Department of Technical Cooperation.

Main Purpose

In order to provide qualified candidates to IAEA Departments for multiple positions, the Division of Human Resources keeps a pipeline of interested Bankable Project Documents Experts. Qualified professionals and experts worldwide who are available for short-term and/or temporary assignments are encouraged to register and complete an online application.

These Experts provide support to requesting IAEA Member States in the finalization of fully developed, robust and technically sound Bankable Project Documents (BPD). This will enable donors and international financial institutions (IFIs) to make an informed risk assessment and financing decision. Once finalized, the BPDs can be used by the requesting Member States to approach potential donors and IFIs for securing grants and/or concessionary lending.

The BPD expert will work closely with a national team led by the Ministry of Health. The national team typically will also include representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Public Works, as well as specialists in medical physics and radiation protection. The BPD expert will liaise with the IAEA, and other external expert teams, so as to ensure coherence between assessments, plans, and resource mobilization initiatives. Where available, cancer control assessment (imPACT) Review reports, National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) documents, IAEA Country Programme Frameworks (CPFs), and project documents will be a first source of reference for the BPD expert’s data collection and analysis work.

Registration into the Pipeline does not constitute in any form a commitment on the part of the IAEA for taking a particular application into consideration in the recruitment process for any vacancy.


Under the overall guidance of Director PACT and the direct supervision of the Section Head of the Resource Mobilization Section (SH-PACT RMS), the expert will spearhead the assignment and will be responsible for the submission of the below-listed deliverables as requested. All deliverables submitted by the expert should be approved by IAEA.

Scope of Work

The tasks and scope of work of the expert will include, but will not necessarily be limited to, the following to be carried out with involvement of the national team:

  • Collect, review and analyze all relevant policy and strategic documents and reports
  • Analyze the proposed projects’ coherence with the abovementioned documents and any ongoing/current initiatives
  • Assess the potential and fit of the outputs in terms of meeting the country needs and aspirations
  • Carry out a stakeholder and partnership analysis to identify and assess the role of key stakeholders (e.g., government departments, UN agencies, civil society, development agencies, IFIs) to integrate the multi-stakeholder engagement.
  • Review soundness of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan and reporting indicators as contained in the draft received by respective Member State, which will show progress and achievement of project’s results.
  • In conjunction with IAEA Technical Officers, stay abreast and address comments of the multidisciplinary review and assessment of the technical integrity, completeness and coherence of the documents relevant to IAEA’s mandate, including aspects related to: cost specifications of equipment (including maintenance) and human resource training, sustainability, alignment with IAEA’s TC programme and CPF, radiation safety infrastructure etc.
  • Ensure that cross-cutting issues – including environment, social and governance (ESG) implications – are included in the Bankable Document
  • Elaborate detailed Indicative Project Budget and Indicative Implementation Schedule, in line with approach from IAEA Technical Officers
  • Conduct a cashflow analysis of the project’s financial and economic sustainability aspects
  • Provide an analysis of assumptions/risks, and a risk management plan
  • Review of prioritization plan or strategy based on inputs from main stakeholders from requesting Member State and IAEA Technical Officers
  • Based on the processes mentioned above and in consultation with IAEA and the requesting Member States focal point, prepare a comprehensive list of missing contents to be included in the BPDs to ensure that all the required contents are included
  • Support in final editing and proofing
  • Incorporating all the inputs from requesting Member State and further elaborate draft BPD including detailed outputs and activities, specific implementation arrangements, cost estimates and financing plan (cost rationale, cash flow analysis, government cost-sharing and resource mobilization needs), stakeholder assessment, risk management, ESG analysis, sustainability, etc.

  • Facilitate consultations and present draft BPD(s) to the key stakeholders


The expert is expected to produce the following deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: Inception report detailing the expert’s understanding of the task and the methodology to be employed to complete the task
  • Deliverable 2: Comprehensive review of Draft BPD(s) describing the proposed structures, narratives and budgetary implications of the project as well as identified gaps and remaining inputs needed to be reviewed by IAEA and requesting Member States
  • Deliverable 3: Final draft of BPD(s) provided for final review by IAEA followed by IAEA’s recommendation to requesting Member States for approval and finalization

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities/Candidate Eligibility

  • Excellent research, analytical, drafting, editing, presentation and communication skills, including the ability to effectively collect, analyze, synthesize, write financing documents in a structured manner and to present technical data and information to policy makers, health authorities and other audiences.
  • Knowledge of and experience in public health / non-communicable diseases programme and clear comprehension of strategies, polices, guidelines and legislation.
  • Ability to establish effective professional relationships with government, external partners and fund/donors.

Education, Experience and Language Skills

  • Advanced university degree, in (health) economics, finance or equivalent.
  • Minimum of five years of proven hands-on working experience in complex infrastructure projects in health, development banking, fundraising and/or health financing, preferably in the field of international human health, with progressive scope of responsibilities.
  • Experience conducting high level consultations with government, UN agencies, Civil society organizations, Financial Institutions.
  • Excellent command of both spoken and written English is essential. Knowledge of other official IAEA languages (in particular French, Spanish or Russian) is an asset.

Location, Duration and Remuneration

  • IAEA may use this pipeline to offer home-based consultancy assignments.
  • The expected duration is thirty working days within a three-month timeframe as of the start of the assignment.
  • The remuneration may be a daily fee up to 250 EUR.
  • If duty travel is required within the assignment, a daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and travel costs will be provided by IAEA.
  • Health coverage and contribution to a pension system are the responsibility of the incumbents.

Applications from qualified women and candidates from developing countries are encouraged

Applicants should be aware that IAEA personnel are international civil servants and may not accept instructions from any other authority. The IAEA is committed to applying the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mandate. As part of the United Nations common system, the IAEA subscribes to the following core ethical standards (or values ): Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for diversity. The IAEA retains the discretion not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade or with a different contract type, or to make an appointment with a modified job description than indicated above. Testing may be part of the recruitment process.

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