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The Western Hemisphere Department is seeking a macroeconomics Advisor for the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Center (CARTAC) located in Barbados. The selected person will be on an initial one-year contract, with the possibility of extension for up to three years. The selected staff member would not be required to request Leave without Pay in the Interest of the Fund for capacity development. The staff member’s pay and benefits remain as if working in HQ. Upon completion of the assignment, the staff member will return to his/her home department.

The Fund is seeking to deepen the integration of capacity development in surveillance and program work and the position offers an opportunity to play a key role in developing this strategic area for the Fund.

The selected person will provide hands-on assistance to participating countries aimed at improving the quality of their macroeconomic frameworks and macroeconomic management systems. The Advisor will also work closely with country teams and country authorities on identifying priorities for Technical Assistance (TA) and implementing appropriate TA strategies, while coordinating TA programs with other multilateral and bilateral TA providers.

Key Responsibilities

The Macroeconomics Advisor will be responsible for developing and delivering, virtually and in-person, a program of technical assistance and training to participating countries with the objective of generating the following long-term results: (i) improved macroeconomic data quality and compilation methodologies; (ii) improved macroeconomic management systems; (iii) enhanced capacity to assess the implications of policy initiatives, options, and frameworks on the economy; and (iv) enhanced capacity to undertake macroeconomic diagnostic studies and the design of appropriate policy responses.

In this regard, the main duties include:

  • training members of staff of the Macroeconomic Units of the Ministries of Finance and the Research Departments of the Central Banks of participating countries to undertake internally consistent macroeconomic projections for the public finances including debt, the balance of payments, and the monetary and national accounts for baseline and alternative scenarios, incorporating the effects of climate change and natural disasters, the pandemic, and the Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • training members of staff of the Macroeconomic Units of the Ministries of Finance and the Research Departments of Central Banks of participating countries to assess the impact of policy changes;

  • providing advice to the governments of participating countries on the impact of various policy measures;
  • providing advice on the development of systems for the improvement of macroeconomic management;
  • staging regional seminars, workshops and courses in macroeconomics projections and policy analysis in collaboration with various partners; and
  • assisting in organizing and coordinating Financial Programming activities and liaising with the Macro-Fiscal Units of Central banks of participating countries.


While the position is advertised at full grade band, Department is looking to fill the position at a higher grade level. Applicants should have extensive experience in undertaking comprehensive macroeconomic projections and providing macroeconomic policy advice, with knowledge of macroeconomic policy design and implementation. Applicants should also have extensive knowledge of the Fund financial programming framework and a working knowledge of accepted data collection practices.Applicants should possess excellent written and oral communication skills in English and have strong interpersonal skills.


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