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Task Title: INTERN-ENGN14-Guidance and Teleoperation of a redundant robot with a 3/6 DOF master arm Domain: Engineering Domain Department: Engineering Design Department Division: Hot Cell Facility Division Section: Remote Handling Section Duration (in months): 6 Location: France, 13067 St Paul Lez Durance Cedex Description of tasks:

This internship will look at guidance strategies of an over actuated robot in a constrained environment. The robot can be tele operated by a 3D or 6D master dissimilar arm or programmed to reach a defined target, follow a defined path while assuring a non-clashing trajectory with the environment.

Task 1: Understanding of the proposed subject-Literature, state of the art review; Task 2: Contribute to propose a test set up taking into account the foreseen RH (Remote Handling) control systems and VR (Virtual Reality) solution; Task 3: Propose some control strategies to solve this issue with potential help of the VR solution; Task 4: Support the associated trials.

The ITER Organization offers internship opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students with the objective of providing these students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in their field of study, whilst collaborating in an international, scientific and multicultural environment. Internships are offered for up to six months, extendable for up to one year (depending on the category). To find out more about our internship program, please refer to our website (click here)

For any further questions, please contact [email protected]g

Internship opportunities are limited to nationals from countries participating in the ITER Project (China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russian Federation, and the United States).

Please also note that interns are not considered staff members and shall, therefore, not have the status of “Staff” as per the ITER Agreement and the Headquarters Agreement (see more information on these constitutive agreements in Legal Resources). Neither the ITER Staff Regulations nor the privileges and immunities granted to ITER Organization staff are applicable to interns. The ITER Organization salary, pension scheme, and social insurance coverage do also not apply.

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