The World Bank

World Bank in Washington, United States

Start Date: Not Available

Express Interest By: 8/31/2022

Duration: 150

Topics: Digital Finance;Education

Business Function: Not Available

Skills: Fluency (both written and oral) in English;Working knowledge of Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Portuguese or Chinese would be a strong plus;data and survey analysis;Microsoft PowerPoint;client management;management consulting;IT infrastructure;digitalization in higher education

Language Skills: Not Available

Assignment Location: United States, HQ

Institution: IFC


Contact Person: Ashraf Bouajina ([email protected])

Task Description: A. SCOPE OF WORK

D4TEP aims to deliver a comprehensive methodology—including strategic design and implementation roadmap—to support private and, eventually, public HEIs along their digital journeys. D4TEP comprises an assessment of a HEI’s baseline situation, the articulation of a digitalization vision, and the development of specific strategic options to accelerate digital transformation that take into account the HEI’s unique mission, academic operational priorities, and IT infrastructure. Support provided under D4TEP also includes the development of a high-level operational roadmap to take the institution from its baseline situation to a new stage of development, as well as the key milestones and resource implications. This includes an estimate of impact on its business model, as well as OPEX and CAPEX implications. D4TEP includes a training component to facilitate the decision-making process of HEIs senior leaders, and other relevant executives (e.g. Finance, Strategy and Digital/Online Education). To support implementation, IFC will offer competitive funding to HEIs under its Investment Services arm.

The STCs being recruited will be a core part of D4TEP team throughout the Discover, Strategize, Plan and Mobilize phases. She/he will be leading conversations with the HEIs, coordinating the process jointly with other IFC team members, ensuring the different steps of the assessment are conducted properly and in due course providing guidance to HEIs as necessary, leading one to one interviews with key stakeholders, analyzing the data gathered, participating in the preparation of the presentation materials and actively participating in the meetings and workshops, as well as in the design of the final business case and roadmap for individual HEIs.


The D4TEP STCs will join a core team of staff that is charged with developing and implementing the global rollout plan for D4TEP with the objective to catalyze at least $200m Own Account investment for IFC over the next 24 months. Jointly with the rest of the IFC team, the D4TEP STCs will contribute to producing the following deliverables (in power point format supported by data analysis if required) for each engagement with HEIs in a process to be carried out over a period of 10-14 weeks with each HEI: – Digital Transformation Ambition, Objectives and Key Results (by end of week 5 or 6)

– Digital Maturity assessment (by end of week 5 or 6)

o Outputs include interviews with HEI’s management and analyses of survey results

– Prioritized Digital Capabilities assessment (by end of week 8 or 9)

– Technology Capabilities assessment (by end of week 8 or 9)

– High Level Business Case (by end of implementation phase- estimated to week 12)

– Roadmap (by end of implementation phase- estimated to week 12)

– Any other deliverables that will be needed in the course of the project where D4TEP STC support will be needed to address client needs or requests.

In addition, the D4TEP STC will prepare materials to support and lead conversations during weekly meetings and other ad hoc requests. Lastly, she/he will be an active participant in client meetings and workshops, as well as internal project meetings.

In addition to supporting implementation of D4TEP projects with HEIs, the D4TEP STC will provide ad-hoc support to the standardization for the D4TEP including but not limited to a suite of standard pitchbooks, operation manual, presentation templates and legal agreements. The D4TEP STCs will also provide ad-hoc support to further developing and advancing the development of the D4TEP service, including specific content for an enhanced delivery in Phase 3. This might entail translation of existing English materials into other languages. Finally, the D4TEP STCs will help develop and produce materials for a communication strategy for D4TEP, as well as overall support to the D4TEP program through other D4TEP related tasks.

Tags: data analysis, digital finance, portuguese, translation