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Contractual Arrangement : External consultant

Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days) : 60 days

Job Posting: Sep 1, 2021, 12:30:20 PM

Proposed grade: NOB step 1

Expected Duration of Consultancy: Two (2) months

  • Background

Oral diseases contribute significantly to the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) globally and regionally. About half of the population globally and more than 480 million people in the WHO African Region suffered from oral diseases in 2019. Indeed, the African Region demonstrated its commitment to oral health, as evidenced by the adoption of the Regional Strategy on Oral Health 2016−2025: Addressing Oral Diseases as Part of NCDs at the 2016 Regional Committe.

In Zimbabwe, there has been a recent effort to concentrate on responding to the burden of NCDs in general and oral health in particular by coming up with a coordinated and integrated framework in the New National Health Strategy 2021-2025.

In terms of the oral health situation in Zimbabwe, the oral health department in the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) over the years has not been reporting on critical information for supporting decision making at several levels. The only data available is the register with the data points on dental conditions which, lumps all the conditions, and they are not disaggregated by age and sex. The two data points available are the number of attendances and the number of procedures.

According to the recent rapid epidemiological assessment among 12-year-old children at primary schools in Harare and Bikita district, a high prevalence of dental caries in both urban (59.5%) and rural (40.8%) were reported. However, it is not clear the current overall oral health situation including the burden of selected oral diseases and conditions, oral health-seeking behaviour and the oral health-related quality of life since the last national oral health survey was conducted in 1994.

The delivery of oral and dental health services in Zimbabwe and the provision of preventive models of care have not been properly and adequately defined at all levels of care, with the absence of a national oral health policy, comprehensive guidelines and protocols among the key deficiencies. The lack of these strategic documents has negatively affected the provision of promotive, educative, preventive, curative and rehabilitative oral and dental health services to the general public. To address these challenges, it is necessary to conduct a rapid assessment to understand and appreciate the precise burden of oral diseases in Zimbabwe.

  • Purpose of this position

The incumbent will support the Ministry of Health (MoH) to support the initial stage of development of oral health policy/strategy in Zimbabwe by 1) leading establishment of the technical working group (TWG), 2) organizing the kick off meeting to identify the goal of the activity and reach consensus on key milestones to develop oral health policy/strategy, 3) conduct the rapid/needs assessment to define core/optional indicators which are required to understand the oral health situation in Zimbabwe and 4) develop the protocol to collect data and funding proposal for data collection.

This will be conducted in close collaboration with the WHO Country Office in Zimbabwe and AFRO and the respective MoH technical teams and other key stakeholders in Zimbabwe.

  • Summary of Assigned Duties and Timeline

The assignment will take three months starting 15 September – December 2021

Deliverables and time frame:




Output1: Lead to conduct the stakeholder analysis and establishment of the multisectoral technical working group (TWG)

  • List of members of TWG

By 15 September 2021

Output 2: Organize the kick-off meeting

  • Define the roles and responsibilities among members of TWG
  • Identify the goal of the activity and reach consensus on key milestones to develop oral health strategy
  • Meeting summary report

By 30 September 2021

Output 3: Needs assessment

  • Identify the necessary information for the development of the oral health strategy
  • Conduct needs assessment to define core/optional indicators which are required to understand the oral health situation in Zimbabwe

By 15 October 2021

Output 4: Develop the protocol to collect data and funding proposal for data collection

  • Develop the protocol to collect data
  • Develop the funding proposal for the data collection (and development of oral health strategy)

By the end of October 2021

  • Working method and accountability

The lead body for the policy development process will be the Oral Health Unit in the Department of Health Services Management who form part of TWG that will be working collaboratively with the incumbent. The Oral Health Unit and TWG will provide the necessary information such as relevant national policy document, the templates as well as Zimbabwe Government Process of development of policy document and the strategic guidance document with the consultant.

The incumbent will work closely with TWG and give feedback to Community Health Services Advisor through the Oral Health Unit. The incumbent will give progress report to Director Oral Health as requested and ensure timely advancement on work.

The incumbent will take account of the feedback from both TWG and the Ministry Management as work progresses. He/she will incorporate new developments in Oral Health e.g. regulatory, technical/scientific, human resources considerations as well as regional and global developments.

The incumbent will develop a schedule of online/virtual meetings to ensure timely completion of work necessary.

  • Recruitment Profile

Functional Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to prepare and conduct rapid/needs assessment using both qualitative and quantitative methods and tools
  • Proved experience leading health teams in similar health systems/service assessments
  • Proved experience in preparing public health technical reports, specially health assessments and/or evaluation reports
  • Familiarity with the role and technical work WHO or other UN agencies’ governing mechanisms, procedures, planning and programme management.
  • Ability to propose innovative approaches and solutions to challenging situations.
  • Well versed with tools and programs for qualitative/quantitative data analysis.
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and automated planning tools

Education Qualifications


A first university degree (Bachelor’s level) in Health or Public Health from an accredited/recognized university.


Advanced university degree (Master’s level or above) in Health, Public Health, or Health Programme’s Evaluation.



A minimum of five years of relevant national experience in planning, developing, managing and monitoring technical programmes or operations in public health.

Working knowledge of district hospital care, universal health coverage, in-service and pre-service training, essential medicine, primary care delivery systems; surveillance system, communication and ethical standards for personnel; equity, diversity & human rights principles.

Working experience in health management and organizational development, including oral health, noncommunicable disease, maternal-child health, immunization, and related.


Experience working in WHO, the UN and/or international organization, health cluster partners, and recognized humanitarian organizations, including at the regional/country level.

Knowledge of the oral health services in Zimbabwe


Fluency in English (spoken and written)

  • Place of Assignment

The Consultant will work in the WHO Country Office in Zimbabwe

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