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Established in 1951, IOM is a Related Organization of the United Nations, and as the leading UN agency in the field of migration, works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

Operational in Indonesia for more than 40 years, IOM Indonesia is one of IOM’s large missions in the world working on a wide range of activities in partnership with the Government of Indonesia, civil society, private sector actors, migrants and communities. IOM Indonesia is engaged in several thematic areas, including: Counter Trafficking and Labour Migration (CT/LMHD), Disasters, Climate and Resilience (DCR), Immigration and Border Management (IBM), Migrant Assistance, Migration Health, and Resettlement and Voluntary Returns.

  • Background There are currently over 940,000 Rohingya refugees hosted in Bangladesh, including 770,000 that have fled violence in Myanmar Rakhine State since August 2017. Overcrowding conditions in the camps in Cox’s Bazar, coupled with lack of livelihood and educational opportunities and almost complete dependency on humanitarian assistance, has made Rohingya desperate for better living conditions. The lack of durable solutions clearly in sight for this large refugee population creates the opportunity for human smuggling and human trafficking. A large part of those movement is composed of Rohingya who seek refuge in Indonesia and Malaysia by crossing by boat the Andaman Sea. Rohingya refugee groups arriving in Indonesia are exposed to multiple protection risks that require targeted support. In addition to 130 Rohingya refugees who remain and have been assisted in Indonesia in 2022, from November 2022 to January 2023, an additional 460 Rohingya refugees have arrived following the hazardous journey they took from Bangladesh. IOM will build on existing products and tools specifically designed to approach Rohingya refugees and Indonesian host communities on risk communication and community engagement (RCCE). This will result in a comprehensive RCCE package that will be provided in an effective and timely manner to Rohingya groups arriving in Indonesia. The RCCE package will compile current and updated materials and methodologies to communicate information on: health promotion, including prevention of disease spread, immunization, hygiene promotion, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention; safe migration, including information on legal status and available support in Indonesia, risk of exploitation, protection against trafficking in persons and risks of irregular migration, GBV and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA).
  • Nature of the consultancy The consultant will support the IOM Indonesia team with the development and testing of a comprehensive Risk Communication & Community Engagement package targeting Rohingya refugees arriving in Indonesia. The RCCE package will be tailored to the target audience in terms of language, gender and age-appropriateness, and cultural sensitivity, as well as media and activities used for the delivery. The materials will take into account mental health, psycho-social well-being, and protection considerations to avoid creating any harm when delivering the information to Rohingya refugees and the host communities in Indonesia. Community participation, youth and women engagement, and gamification approaches will be utilized.
  • Tasks to be performed / Tangible and measure output of the work assignment

First Deliverable

  • In cooperation with IOM Indonesia, other IOM missions, relevant partners and refugee representatives;

    • Identify underlying key issues and sensitivities existing among the Rohingya refugees in Indonesia
    • Review and compile all relevant existing materials
  • Identify specific actions to adapt materials to the Indonesian context.
  • Produce a brief strategy and workplan for the development of the RCCE package, including materials adaptation, development, review, and testing.

Second Deliverable

  • Deliver the draft RCCE package by using and adapting existing materials and developing new materials as relevant

Third Deliverable

  • ​Adjust the​​​​​ draft RCCE package to incorporate all feedback received
  • Conduct testing of the RCCE package with the target group and incorporate all relevant feedback.
  • Deliver the RCCE package.​
  • Realistic delivery dates and details as to how the work must be delivered The total duration for this assignment is 6 (six) months within period February 2023 up to July 2023.
  • Performance indicators for evaluation of results The quality, targeted and detailed of the work performed as established in above as well as compliance with agreed delivery dates.
  • All deliverables are completed on time and to the expected quality standard in English and, for the RCCE package, in Rohingya language.
  • Target audience and partners are consulted at several stages.
  • Existing best practices and lessons learned are reflected in the materials.
  • IOM principles and best practices of community engagement are utilized.
  • All feedback is addressed accurately, and materials are adjusted accordingly and consistently.
  • Reporting Lines (Type of supervision that will be provided) Under the direct supervision of Programme Coordinator of DCR Unit and in coordination with the DCR team. As a work progress, the Consultant will share the expected delivery results for review. The Hiring Manager will ensure to provide timely comments to the Consultant’s work.
  • Consultant’s Workplace The Consultant is expected to be based in Jakarta, with travel to a location in Indonesia hosting Rohingya refugees will be required for testing.
  • Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/experiences required: The proposed consultant(s) should have following competence.
  • University Degree in communications, gender, development studies, international relations, or other related fields.
  • At least 3 years of experience in humanitarian or development programmes targeting migrants.
  • Prior experience with Risk Communication and Community Engagement targeting Rohingya communities.
  • Experience in working with relevant non-governmental institutions, civil society organization or UN.
  • Excellent presentation, oral and written communication skills.
  • High proficiency in the use of Word and Excel applications.
  • Excellent organizational skills: ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.

Language: Fluency in English both oral and written is mandatory. Fluency in Rohingya is an advantage.

  • Required Documents The consultant will need to submit technical and financial proposal in ENGLISH. Each submission must include the following:
  • Technical Proposal with detailed profile of consultant (education, certification, including records on previous work experience especially in similar assignments), methodology, proposed activity work plan describing the activities and timeline during consultancy /module outlines, sample of output used in each phase and processes of implementation, sample of previous work (report/training module)

  • Financial Proposal listing all costs associated with the assignment in local currency (IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)). In particular, the financial proposal should itemize the following

    • Consultancy fees, including additional supporting resources person per day/activity.
    • Variable cost inclusive printing of study tools, banner, meeting costs (if any).
  • General Terms and Condition Consultants should not assign, transfer, pledge, sub-contract or make other disposition of the consultancy contract or any part thereof, or of any of the Consultant’s rights, claims or obligations under the consultancy contract except with the prior written consent of the Organization, in conjunction with HRM (Human Resources Management). Therefore, only in limited circumstances, when approved in advance.
  • Evaluation The technical proposals of Individual consultant shall be evaluated based on the following criteria and sub-criteria:
  • Specific experience of the Consultant relevant to the assignment:
  • Candidate qualification & competence (education, certification) (5 Points)
  • Experience (previous experience & sample of previous work) (10 Points)
  • Knowledge of candidate on the project (relevancy of the proposal) (5 Points)

Total points for criterion (1) (20 Points)

  • Adequacy of the proposed methodology and work plan in response to the Vacancy Notice

    • Methodology and Framework (10 points)
    • Workplan (10 points)

Total points for criterion (2) (20 points)

Only candidate whose proposal having minimum score of technical proposal 25 (point (i) and (ii)) will be invited to present & clarify the proposal in an interview.

  • Interview
  • Methodology and Time Frame (20 points)
  • Consultant experience and background (20 points)
  • Presentation and clarification to the submitted proposal (20 points)

Total points for criterion (3) (60 points)

Total points for criterion (1), (2) and (3) (100 points)

The final assessment will be considered based on the following points:

  • Technical Proposal and Presentation – 80%
  • Financial – 20%
  • How to Apply Interested applicants must submit:
  • A letter of interest (1-page max.) clearly specifies suitability and availability date.
  • Detailed Curriculum vitae. Applicants should clearly indicate information on previous work and/or experience in translating the document.
  • Complete the Personnel Data Form which can be downloaded at the following link : (link)-data-form-for-consultant.xls
  • Please submit other required document as mentioned in point 10 and please find below template of technical proposal and financial proposal.

Only applicant who meet the above qualification will be considered

Technical Proposal Template


A. Type of Activities


Activity / Work Description














B. Completion and Submission of Reports



1. Inception Report

2. Interim Progress Report

  • First Status Report
  • Second Status Report

3. Draft Report

4. Final Report

Financial Proposal Template





I – Remuneration Cost

II – Reimbursable Cost

Total Amount of Financial Proposal*

*Indicate total costs to be paid by IOM in each currency. Such total costs must coincide with the sum of the relevant subtotal indicated in Technical Proposal and Breakdown of Costs by Output/Activity.

A. Breakdown of Costs by Output/Activity

Group of Activities (Phase):* ________________________ ________________________

Description:** _____________________ _____________________

Cost Component Remuneration***




Reimbursable Expenses***


* Names of activities (phase) should be same as, or corresponds to the ones indicated in ACTIVITY WORK SCHEDULE ** Short description of the activities whose cost breakdown is provided in this form. *** For each currency, Remuneration and Reimbursable Expenses must coincide with relevant Total Costs indicated in Breakdown of Remuneration per Activity and Breakdown of Reimbursable Expenses.

B. Breakdown of Remuneration per Activity [Information provided in this Form should only be used to establish payments to the Individual Consultant requested by Client/IOM]

Name of Activity*

Daily Rate

Number of Days

Cost per Activity

*Names of activities (phase) should be same as, or corresponds to the ones indicated in ACTIVITY WORK SCHEDULE.

Consultants should not assign, transfer, pledge, sub-contract or make other disposition of the consultancy contract or any part thereof, or of any of the Consultant’s rights, claims, or obligations, under the consultancy contract except with the prior written consent of the Organization, in conjunction with HRM. Therefore, only in limited circumstances, when approved in advance.

C. Breakdown of Reimbursable Expenses [Information provided in this Form should only be used to establish payments to the Individual Consultant for services requested by Client/IOM]



Unit Cost**

1. Workshop resources person

2. Transportation Costs

3. Communication Costs

4, Printing of Documents, Reports, etc.

5. Equipment, instruments, materials, supplies, etc.

* Delete items that are not applicable or add other items ** Indicate unit cost and currency.

IOM does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training or other fee). IOM does not request any information related to bank accounts.

Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this vacancy notice is subject to funding confirmation.

Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for appointment, verification of Education certificate and security clearances.