CABI Wallingford


This opportunity is only available for BBSRC or NERC DTP PhD students who complete a Professional Internship Programme (PIP) as part of their studies.


Wallingford, Oxfordshire or Egham, Surrey

Job Summary

This opportunity is only available for BBSRC or NERC DTP PhD students who complete a Professional Internship Programme (PIP) as part of their studies. Each Internship is approximately three months and we will be recruiting on an ongoing basis.


CABI is looking for a curious and enthusiastic individual with hands-on experience working with data during their PhD/DPhil, who is interested in addressing problems related to data governance, data management and learning more about the non-technical aspects of maximising value gained from data.

The intern would support a growing portfolio of data policy and practice projects related to our expertise outlined in the section above. As a Data Policy and Practice Intern you will be welcomed into a highly collaborative team where your questions and ideas will be embraced and valued. Specific tasks/activities relating to the role will depend on project needs at the time the intern joins the team. However, we will aim to co-create the internship experience with the intern as much as possible.

The internship is most suitable for a student who has worked with data and analytics during their PhD, has an interest in expanding their data experience across the data skills framework ( (link)), and who has as interest in international development, agriculture, the environment, and/or health.

About You

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Significant hands-on experience working with data (e.g., collecting, publishing, accessing, standardising, classifying, or visualising data)
  • Significant desk research experience (e.g., critically evaluating existing literature and synthesising information)
  • Interest in learning more on the non-technical aspects of gaining value from data, such as building communities of practice and incentive systems
  • Interest working in data policy, data management, and international development
  • Interest in change management
  • Interest in approaches to solving complex problems and developing solutions, such as human centred design and systems thinking

  • Awareness of FAIR data principles and scientific data standards
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent written communication skills

Personal characteristics

  • Willingness to embrace new approaches and technology
  • Curious and creative
  • Good interpersonal, communication, and administrative skills
  • Self-motivated, able to work independently
  • Flexibility when faced with change
  • Accurate; attention to detail and quality

Financial contribution/benefit(s)

CABI are not able to provide any financial benefit, but contributions for travel to the place of work will be discussed as part of the application process.

Tags: change management, communities of practice, data governance, data management, internship, interpersonal communication