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Please note that the ICRC is not a UN-system organization.


Buyer 1 supports the procurement process in the country in accordance with ICRC rules and regulations. S/he is responsible for overseeing the procurement aspects of the Sub Delegation. S/he is instrumental in supporting the Delegations activities through his/her services including quality control, expediting and material control, examining existing procedures and opportunities to streamline activities to limit costs and improving accuracy.

General Accountability and Responsibilities

  • Conducts research into the availability of goods and services;
  • Independently carries out ordinary procurement for specific sector(s) up to a certain amount;
  • Drafts requests for tenders/quotes, selection tables and contracts and submits them to their hierarchical superior;
  • Follows up on purchases and deliveries and checks that they are conform to specifications and contract details;
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  • Manages, follows up on, files and scans invoices and related documents;
  • Participates in updating statistics and reporting.

Specific Functional Responsibilities:

Order Management / Supply Chain

  • Anticipates the needs together with the Logistics Site Manager;
  • Helps Supply Chain Administrator (SCA) to determine the stock levels, based on lead times, source and availability;
  • Receives Orders from SCA, analyzes them and communicates with the requester for further details if needed;
  • maintains a proactive relation with the requesters;
  • Ensures to have an overall knowledge of the projects, for which specific needs are requested;
  • Determines relevant specifications per product, advises requester on specifications and quality issues/differences and seeks clarifications with the requester if needed;
  • Helps the SCA by providing proper description/specifications of goods, for item coding;
  • Determines source of supply for incoming Order according to internal procedures;
  • Takes into consideration the expressed needs of the customers, delivery times, transport costs, etc. before placing the order;
  • Responsible to actively reduce cost or initiate savings without compromising the quality of purchased goods/services;
  • Liaise with other units within the supply chain securing finances, appropriate import-export procedures, transfer, warehousing and reporting of ordered items.

finance and administration

  • Learns and implements any changes to ICRC standard purchasing procedures;
  • Ensures that working advances (if any) are settled in time and accurate;
  • Ensures that requester respects financial procedures, especially regarding authorization of expenditure;
  • Provides requester and Finance with updated information regarding purchases (amount and timing);
  • checks and process invoice from the supplier, provides all supporting documents and submits these to the relevant signatories for approval and payment;
  • Updates and maintains petty cash records;
  • Handles petty cash purchase on a day to day base with working advances;
  • Ensures that working advances are settled in time and accurate;
  • sorts out the quality claims before validates suppliers’ invoices;
  • Performs necessary paperwork and assures follow up to administration and other departments;
  • Submit necessary documentation for tax exemptions;
  • In collaboration with Administration, follows allocations of expenditure and planning expenditures of Logistics department for the current and following month.

Tenders/Suppliers selection

  • Prepares Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Tender (RFT), using detailed Item Specifications, to achieve the right quality for goods to be purchased;
  • Ensures that the RFQ and RFT contains all relevant information to enable transparent selection of the best price, quality, terms and conditions;
  • Prepares selection table (ST) with supporting documents to justify and exhibit transparency in the choice of supplier;
  • Ensures that the appropriate parties have approved the ST;
  • Ensures that purchases over 2’000CHF are conducted in liaison with Chapter 4 of Logistics Manual, with the applicable green light system and in full conformity with the financial rules;
  • Recommends a supplier to be selected;
  • Selects and evaluates suppliers with the Logistics Site Manager and Procurement Country Manager;
  • Negotiates with suppliers, terms and conditions on purchasing;
  • Develop a clear pipeline strategy (payment, delivery);
  • Informs bidders about the results of the tender.

Purchase of Goods

  • Ensures that best prices for quality are obtained free of tax and provides relevant exemption certificates to supplier if necessary;
  • Negotiates frame agreements under Procurement Country Manager and GVA_LOG_PURCH supervision;
  • Issues PO and/or Contract for all goods/services purchased;
  • Checks the legal validity of the terms of contract;

  • Confirm supplier’s agreement on terms and conditions of PO/Contract;
  • Submits PO/Contract for approval to the concerned parties and the supplier;
  • Manages purchasing contracts until goods/services are delivered by the supplier;
  • Checks and processes invoice from the supplier, provides all supporting documents and submits these for obtaining relevant signatories for approval and payment;
  • Submit necessary documentation for tax exemptions;
  • Ensures that proper PO files with all relevant documents are updated;
  • Ensures that purchase files are maintained, auditable and in good order and timely uploaded to Paperless Profiles.

Reception of Goods, Quality & Quantity Control and Claims

  • with the warehouse, or agreed other receiver in charge of quality control, ensures that all conditions agreed in the contract have been met in terms of quality and quantity control;
  • Follows the delivery schedule of the goods as per terms in the purchase contract. Applies delay penalty were required;
  • Liaises with inspection companies and ICRC Quality Control team, to ensure the quality and specifications of delivered goods/services are in conformity with the contract;
  • Sorts out the quality/quantity claims prior to validating suppliers’ invoices. Applies penalty for nonconformity, where required;
  • treats all claims received from the clients;
  • Reverts to the supplier with regard to potential quantity or quality issues.

Suppliers’ Relationship Management

  • Updates and maintains suppliers’ data base ;
  • Conducts market survey to keep abreast of market developments and availability of goods and services, evaluates and recommends potential new sources of supply for inclusion in the procurement database;
  • Spontaneously or on request, conducts analysis for prices and quality benchmarking and submits reports to Head of Purchasing;
  • Ensures to maintain and update, product library and sample collection of items;
  • Ensures regular supplier evaluation visits, confirming social compliance, capacity to deliver quality goods/services, availability of stocks;
  • Ensures ICRC general conditions of purchasing are signed by suppliers;
  • Ensures Supplier’s registration and validation is completed;
  • Updates pareto Suppliers’ files annually and ensures that files contain all the required documents;
  • Evaluates supplier performance.

Reporting and Statistics

  • Channels all relevant information related to purchases;
  • Prepares weekly status reports for the orders under process
  • Reports any changes on the local market (availability of goods, shortage, price increase, etc.);
  • Reports to Logistics Site Manager/ Procurement Country Manager if any problems occurred, claims and unusual requests concerning, purchase, quality, price without delay;
  • Ensures that all documents required for a PO file are available and handed over to Statistics;
  • Ensures that all department’s databases are used and filled correctly;


Minimum required knowledge & experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent training;
  • Certifications in purchasing, procurement or supply-chain management;
  • Confirmed technical skills in procurement;
  • computer proficiency;
  • Excellent command of Ukrainian, Russian and English;
  • Good knowledge of the local market(s);
  • 3 years’ experience in a similar position;
  • Good knowledge of and experience with financial rules, procurement procedures and supplier management.

Personal Competencies

  • fast learner;
  • Excellent adaptability and flexibility;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Genuine interest to work in the humanitarian sector;
  • High level of motivation, and commitment to accuracy;
  • strong sense of responsibility;
  • good team player.

We offer rewarding and enriching work in a humanitarian and international environment, and:

  • Initial training and on-boarding organized;
  • Opportunity to work and grow in an international working environment in the humanitarian sector;
  • Good working conditions and competitive salary with benefits.

Starting date: ASAP


Please submit your CV, along with your motivation letter in English and salary expectations to the attention of the Human Resources Department: Deadline for applications: 14/08/2022

Only candidates meeting the above-mentioned criteria will be considered and contacted for tests and/or interviews. No queries by phone, please.

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