CABI Egham, United Kingdom


£9-50 per hour for standard 37 hour week (excluding breaks)


Egham, Surrey

Job Summary

There is no formal role profile for this position (three months position initially)

Are you an enthusiastic student or recent graduate looking for an opportunity to build your skills and improve your CV?

Paid internship opportunity with the Biopesticides and Bioscience teams in Egham, Surrey to support, strengthen and preserve the long-term viability of our various resource collections and also to begin the process of adding strategic value to these collections (1July – 30 September 2022 with some flexibility on start date).

We have a collection of globally scattered fungal strains that have ‘possible’ biopesticide properties. What we need is a fresh, bespoke collection of organisms from key UK arable crops that will meet the need of increasing UK commercial interest in non-chemical pest and disease controls. The intern will collect soils from UK arable soils, bait out insect-killing fungi, nematode and bacteria; isolate and purify strains; and ensure they are preserved in the resource collections. Additionally, Biopesticide strains isolated from UK arable soils will be screened for efficacy against 1-2 key pests of UK arable crops, likely to include aphids. This will be quick, early screening to identify yes/no target pathogenicity. In combination, isolates will be screened for spore production on solid media, as an early screen for mass production potential. Insect cultures will be established and maintained at CABI by the intern. The role will also involve supporting the processing of other archived collections in Egham entailing the growth and morphological assessment of a wide range of agriculturally associated fungi, followed by cryopreservation, freeze-drying and quality control testing. Information on the strains will also be added to a database.

We pay the National Living Wage of £9.50 per hour for a standard 37 hour working week (excluding breaks) and are an equal opportunities employer.

Please note that because of the short-term nature of this position we will not consider applications from candidates who do not already reside in and can work in the United Kingdom.

Tags: disease control, internship