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The Associate Director, Procurement Policy Advisor (Legal), PPAD (PPAL) is the main senior advisor providing legal interpretation of the Bank’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PPRs), it’s alignment with the Agreement Establishing the Bank and other procurement related legal aspects of related Bank’s Policies, such as the Enforcement Policy and Procedures (EPPs).

The PPAL shall be the leading expert in providing legal advice and interpretation to Banking, PPAD’s Procurement Policy Advisers (PPAs) and Project Implementation Advisers (PIAs) in respect of project related legal matters including but not limited to project design and contractual issues.

As an integral part of the overall project risk management process, the PPAL shall provide the leadership in to the safeguarding of good legal governance and compliance with the PPRs in the Bank’s Operations. The PPAL shall ensure high standards of integrity in the Bank’s operations and PPADs own work. The PPAL shall lead the overall management of procurement related complaints and requests for Bank Procurement Review. In this context, the PPAL shall be the primary reviewer of procurement complaints, whilst PIAs shall be the primary reviewers of “Requests for Bank’s Procurement Reviews” with PPAL’s oversight.

The PPAL shall provide legal expertise and advice to the development of PPAD’s policies and directives and Guidance Notes. The PPL shall be responsible fortheMoUs and legal agremeents with other Development and Financial Institutions and organisations, internal regulations, standard procurement documents and other agreements with a legal context. I particular the PPAL will be the PPAD expert on Sanctions, Prohibited Practices and investigation matters.

The PPAL shall be responsible for PPAD’s liaison with OGC and OCCO, and support the PPAD Director in his capacity as the Procurement Complaints Committee (PCC) Secretary.

The PPAL shall represent the Bank in the legal aspects of PPAD’s policy dialogue with the Authorities of the Bank’s countries of operations and economies as well as with all the major international financial institutions and Donors along with other international stakeholders such as international political and industry organisations etc.

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

  • Using expert legal knowledge and seniority level, the PPAL shall provide legal interpretation on policy related issues arising under the Bank’s operations to both internal and external stakeholders such as the Bank’s Board of Directors, client’s and tenderers.
  • The PPAL shall provide legal legal expertise and leadership to the development of PPAD’s policies and directives, MoUs with other Development Institutions, internal regulations, standard procurement documents and guidance notes and other agreements with a legal context. In particular the PPAL will be the PPAD expert on Sanctions, Prohibited Practices and investigation matters.
  • Champion and role model the Bank’s Behavioural Competencies and Corporate Behaviours, ensuring adherence within the team(s) so that the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct are exhibited at all times.
  • Review complaints from aggrieved participants in procurement processes conducted under the Bank’s PPRs to ensure accountability and a high level of integrity in the procurement process;
  • Provide support to the Office of the Chief Compliance Officer in their review of allegations of prohibited practices in relation to procurement related issues, and manage compliance reviews, as necessary;
  • Provide the Bank’s staff with professional advice on legal aspects of project implementation management, including procurement, under both public and private sector operations;
  • Contribute to the review and development of the PPRs and provide legal interpretation regarding the application of the PPRs, in both public and private sector projects.
  • Contribute with legal expertise in the development of standard procurement documents, directives and guidelines to support the Bank’s operations in line with the PPRs and other policies.
  • Provide legal expertise in the procurement policy dialogue maintained with the Bank’s countries of operations, reviewing procurement laws and practices and assisting with developing strategies for the Bank’s engagement in public procurement and related areas.
  • Provide input into any new Bank wide initiatives and policies, working with other departments as appropriate.
  • Be responsible for the specific project implementation agreements to be signed under the Bank’s Mutual Reliance Agreements with other IFIs.
  • Provide legal leadership in dialogue with MDBs and other international organisations in order to support development of procurement policy dialogue interventions and procurement standards.
  • Provide training/knowledge transfer for both internal and external stakeholders in legal aspects of procurement through the delivery of workshops and training programmes.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications

  • Ability to build relationships across departments that enable a cross-functional approach to the Bank’s activities and initiatives in order to actively promote open co-operation across teams/departments.

  • Experience in policy dialogue and dealing with senior interlocutors and counterparts within country authorities, MDBs and other international organisations.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Experience in reviewing and developing policies, standard documents and guidance notes.
  • Degree in law, supported by at least 10 years of work experience.
  • Demonstrable considerable practical experience in procurement and legal matters in developing countries or countries in transition, showing good knowledge of risks related to procurement as well as best modern procurement practices.
  • A thorough understanding of relevant procurement policies, as well as procurement procedures.
  • An understanding and knowledge of IFI procurement procedures.
  • Thorough understanding of the Bank’s Enforcement Policy and Procedures or other similar policies in other Development Institutions.
  • Experience in legal interpretation of complex documents and policies.
  • Experience in handling procurement related complaints and investigations is desirable.
  • Experience in handling corporate governance and integrity matters is desirable.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.

What is it like to work at the EBRD?

Our agile and innovative approach is what makes life at the EBRD a unique experience! You will be part of a pioneering and diverse international organisation, and use your talents to make a real difference to people’s lives and help shape the future of the regions we invest in.

The EBRD environment provides you with:

  • Varied, stimulating and engaging work that gives you an opportunity to interact with a wide range of experts in the financial, political, public and private sectors across the regions we invest in;
  • A working culture that embraces inclusion and celebrates diversity;
  • An environment that places sustainability, equality and digital transformation at the heart of what we do.

Diversity is one of the Bank’s core values which are at the heart of everything it does. A diverse workforce with the right knowledge and skills enables connection with our clients, brings pioneering ideas, energy and innovation. The EBRD staff is characterised by its rich diversity of nationalities, cultures and opinions and we aim to sustain and build on this strength. As such, the EBRD seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities and works in an inclusive environment. The EBRD encourages all qualified candidates who are nationals of the EBRD member countries to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. As an inclusive employer, we promote flexible working.

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