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The International Career Guide e-book breaks down all you need to know about getting a job at the UN in 17 chapters. Whether you have no idea what type of job you want, or for those who want to save themselves months of research, the Career Guide is for you!

Do you need tips to improve your applications?

Find all sorts of information for best practice when it comes to applying for UN posts

Do you want to be shortlisted for interviews?

Use the guide to help you get to that next step, and if you need more help with interviews check out our packages too!

Do you want to successfully pass the interview?

Find out what the common interview techniques are for UN jobs and how to best prepare for them

Do you know how much you could earn with the UN?

Find out all about the income potential of different UN careers, depending on experience, location and various other factors.

Are you curious about what it is actually like to work at the UN?

Get a real and unfiltered picture of what it is like to work at the UN based on a range of perspectives from current and former UN employees

Do you need help determining which options are best for you ?

Find out about all the best entry routes and programmes for working at the UN and the most suitable ones for you!

frequently asked questions

A lot of the information in this book is what you will undoubtedly discover for yourself after spending some time working in UN organisations. However by buying this e-book today you will save yourself a lot of time and effort and get a headstart on those who don’t have this information. So treat this e-book as an investment – as that is exactly what it is, an investment for your future, because your time is valuable.

This e-book is primarily aimed at early career professionals who have either just graduated or only done internships up until this point. It is also suitable for those who have worked in non-IGO environments and are looking to make a career change into roles at the UN or other International Organisations.

This e-book contains the information related to the experience of the author with UN organisations as well as of some of his colleagues who were kind enough to be interviewed for the book. It does not contain past papers for YPP exams or templates etc. that are publicly available. Every effort was made to ensure the e-book remained concise and contained useful content only.

It is just over 100 pages broken down into 17 chapters.

Jador Makh has worked in the fields of the environment and international development on four continents for numerous international and grassroots non-profit organisations, including several UN

Jador has experience with the UN application procedures from applying for hundreds of positions at the UN himself, supporting the applications of many others, and helping in the hiring process of several others.

Jador Makh is a pen name used to write this book in order to avoid any negative impacts on the author’s career due to some of the controversial opinions he expresses in the book and to maintain his privacy in his working environment in general.  

As with most things, you will get out of this book what you put into it. This book is pretty special but it won’t do the application for you! (That being said it does contain an application walk-through)

Nevertheless, if you apply the guidance from this book you will have a much better chance of succeeding in building your UN career, as well as ultimately deciding whether or not that is what you want to do.

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