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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This is the experience of most people who apply for UN jobs so you are far from alone.

The Career Guide e-book highlights some of the common mistakes and reasons why people don’t get the jobs they apply for or sometimes not even getting to the interview stage.

We also have several services which can help you in a more personal way; just check them out above and choose the one which suits you best.

We use ATS optimisation and specific UN style writing and language to ensure your CV is the best it can be. Sometimes we are not the best at talking ourselves up – which is why it can help to have an objective outsider take a look at your achievements and help you present them in the best way possible.

Practice makes perfect, and what better way to practice for an interview than to recreate the same sorts of conditions you will have in the real deal. We can give you direct and personalised feedback to help you be as prepared as possible for interview day.

Very. We can help you review your application materials, making sure your application won’t be filtered out on a technicality! As well as giving you tailored advice depending on your specific circumstances and goals. Whether it is for a specific application or for a general strategy don’t hesitate to benefit from our expert advice today!

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